Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pagan Blog Project

I'm excited to participate in the Pagan Blog Project for 2013. I followed many of the posts last year and was inspired by reading the many different takes on our pagan practice. I envision most of the things I can contribute will be about how I practice my craft, things I do, make or see.
I have been doing this for a l-o-n-g time and have evolved. I learned very basic practices from a Wise Woman in the northern Appalachian Mountains where I grew up.  I gleaned from the "odd traditions" my Irish female relatives had and my children gleaned the same way from me- by observing how we celebrate (however, I explained things too).  Lots study and formality of rituals followed (and has its place), and while I retain some ritual formality, this circle has come around to the basic practices as I grow more confident and older.

I held back, hoping to acquire more skills and become better at working this blog- frankly, without a regular post I find myself avoiding the discomfort of possibly embarrassing myself. We all know how this goes.

It looks like the best way to develop better blogging skills is to plunge in and go ahead and be bad at the blogging technicalities. I'm ready to do it wrong, break rules and later find out they exist (like- always attribute pictures- I KNOW! I wouldn't lift things in my print life, I never even thought about grabbing a pic I had filed and using it without saying where I took it from. Duh. I have no idea where some of these pics started, but I should have). So, borrowed pictures: my first embarrassment and a big one. How bad could the next one be, right? If I let mistakes keep me from blogging this year I'm never going to do it.

If you are unfamiliar, this is the Project:  It is a week by week opportunity for me to share, for you to learn from me. Conversely  I get to learn from everyone else who participates and also to grow from the interaction in the PBP forum and from your comments. Please comment (I would have loved someone to send me a gentle reminder about the pictures... that could have been you).
The schedule for posting follows the calender and the alphabet. One each Friday as follows:

January 4 and 11, topics beginning with A: apples, astral travel, agrimony...
January 18 and 25, topics for B: Brigid, basil, baneful herbs, boxwood, Bast...
52 Posts over a year's time. Or a year and a day, I like to think.

You get the idea. Nearly 200 blogs all contribuiting to this complex topic- its the biggest Book of Shadows ever undertaken. learn more about it here: Pagan Blog Project details

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