Thursday, January 17, 2013

Imbolc on the way!

Photo Gemmi Fuchsbau
I am so excited to see snowdrops poking up this week, even though we have hardly had any snow. I would love to find a few pots of these to put on the table at my upcoming Imbolc brunch.  I'm planning dairy foods, seed packets (and maybe blessings for the seeds) and corn crosses. This year, I plan to make Bride's mantles by putting out fine fabric on the windowsill in the moonlight the night before.  I want to give the seeds and mantles to my guests for growth and good health throughout the coming year. They may be kids there, and if so, I plan to have them make a bed for the corn doll we made last fall in camp as a Brigit's bed, and then add a wand for her to slumber with to spark the fertility we need to make the Earth grow again. I'll be sure to take a few photos, and I'll supply some recipes as soon as I settle on the menu.

Meanwhile... YAY Snowdrops!!

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