Sunday, June 23, 2013

New electrons, just in time.

Recycled picture, but perfect for the last six months.

I have a new computer. As I scrambled to get set up and learn the new (to me) iOs for my new iThings I discovered that my Google Reader needed rescuing ASAP! I think I have accomplished that with Flipboard.

I am delighted and astonished to see that I still have 17 followers! This makes me happy beyond the appropriate proportion, but that's the truth.  Thank you all you faithful, or sleeping, readers. I've missed reading you all and writing here so much.

My way of facing the breakdown of the device I once lived completely without was to just... Try it old school. There were things to learn from the experience. It was probably good for me.

Some clown is spamming one of my comment sections. I'll fix it as soon as I figure out how. I thrive on your comment, but not on his shoe ads.
I'll stick to the path.  It's really all I can do anyway.  Since I lost EVERY SINGLE THING from my old hard drive (I heard you whisper backup... I heard you) I am beginning with only the tiny cache of pictures I had shared here. My little phone was also rescued the same week, a few contacts saved, not many.  I didn't have my sister Glenda's number, but it popped into my head from when I used to have to dial it-11 years ago!  How amazing. If you ever had my number, which is the same , call me and leave your data in a message. That way I will build up a new and better lists. 

Remarkably, all my recent client numbers transferred. I don't know what that means, but it was a relief.  Not having loads of new clients in the last year helped, but that is what made my new computer purchase take so long too.

In other awesome news, I went to France. Too much more on that to come. 

And the raisin-bran stealing dog is still alive. Astonishing. That other cabinet door open in the picture below is for cooking pots and liquor. She didn't need either of those, it seems.