Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A sneezing Dachshund is hilarious.

"A dog can get a tan, let me bask here and come back later, you'll see."
It's time to meet Zambonie. In our house, my husband likes to say that I bring "the Interesting" to our lives.  He especially likes to say that when I feel that my contributions by way of paycheck or housecleaning are not impressive enough.  "I bring the Paycheck, you bring the Interesting and I could never do that" is what I hear.  Totally reassuring. He is a keeper, that one.  
If I bring the Interesting, Zambonie brings the imagination and entertainment. She is never at a loss for ideas to stay busy and she will take time out for you no matter how many delicious Post-it Notes she has arranged on the floor.  If ever there is a perfect dog for me, Zambonie is it. How we got her and how much I disagree that my husband is mainly a paycheck are for other days.  Today, meet Zambonie, the piebald Dachshund. She has Spring allergies today and is mighty surprised about the sneezes.

"How can I type when those birds are landing all over our deck and ruining it for everyone!?