Thursday, January 31, 2013

C- Circle

Of course I have to post about circles! I doodle them and find them in nature...
Duloe stones in Cornwall. Amazing feat of worship.

Sabrynth spiral.
When pondering a problem, I tend to walk through my yard in a big, loose circle, picking a weed there and trimming a branch here until I have arrived at my starting place. Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes not, but I find that the thinking I do while wandering like this often leads me to, or close, to a solution. And it calms me.

I read that studies on how people navigate without markers reveal that people tend to walk in a slow curve, a circle, when they walk alone without a directed path.

Man made, found in nature, man made from things found in nature- I enjoy looking at them all and appreciate the path they offer. When I try to get somewhere and rush forward in a straight line I nearly ALWAYS miss the point of the journey. So many things have been revealed to me while I embraced the journey- very few experiences have been enlightening as I rushed straight past or through them.

Labrynth at UCLA

This is one place I have walked, the labyrinth
 in Grace Cathedral in San Franciso.
Walking on a labyrinth path is walking a lot of parts of a circle, back and forth, around and around. That route is a good metaphor for the journey in life- each step can only go one way- you have to take each turn as it comes. Only by moving forward can you arrive at the end.  In a labyrinth journey you have no decisions to make and can just let your mind go as you walk and turn and walk some more. In doing this your mind can journey too.

When you reach the middle of the labyrinth path you realize that you are not yet there. Turn around and begin to put one foot in front of the other, you have many turns and twists in your circle to go!

One of the best kind of circles- a circle of people.

I've collected pictures of circles in nature over many years, not always with notes about who took the picture. I heartily apologize for this, but some of the pictures are just too wonderful. I want to share them anyway. Just know that they are the wonderful work of other talented people, not me.

Crop circles are fascinating, no matter who made them!

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