Friday, January 4, 2013

Asking + Action = Attraction

Know how to seek the best path for you.
Practice your practice. 
Listen to your needs and desire. 
Focus your intent. 
Follow your intent with Action, Asking for guidance on the way. 
Everything you truly need will come to you.

It has always worked for me. This is the story of how it worked a little differently.

Offerings are easy. I have no trouble remembering to thank my goddess for her blessings, seek peace or direction as a part of a ritual. These things come easily to me because I have done them over and over many times.
I seldom work magic for others, I occasionally work magic ON others when they ask for my help. I often meditate to align myself with understanding of what is happening and to strengthen my instinct to follow the best path. I also use magic to impart power to my herb crafting, cast protection where its needed, cast a circle or connect me to the divine.
I can't remember the last time I ASKED for something concrete for myself. Not that I do without and go without, I take pretty good care of myself and remember to include treats too. I don't feel like my goddess is really here to fill my wallet or send me a car... the guidance for the right path and my job are for that. I ask for wisdom, to manage situations, finances, relationships. I feel I receive. Even when things are difficult, I have never felt rudderless or without resources. To me that is no accident.
Maybe its a humility thing. Maybe I feel like I should give more than I get, since the goddess is my elder and has far more wisdom and experience than I.
The barn loom I didn't buy. It was a part of my day on the sheep to shawl team.
I am in the midst of some of the most mindful years of practice and meditation I have done since my late twenties. I stop to reflect, make offerings, stay in touch with the magical community as never before. I begin each day with a candle and devotion.  I stopped in to touch base with my friend, Liz, who owns a yarn shop and many looms.
I mentioned to her that I had recently been a substitute on a sheep to shawl team (they are very hard to get a place on) and loved it so much that someone was moved to offer me a huge barn loom for $500. I told Liz that since my partner is looking for work I didn't feel good about spending $500, and that a barn loom is really too huge for us. If she heard of a modern floor loom going begging for a home, or one for only two or three hundred, could she let me know?
Then we laughed. Floor looms, even the simple one I'd like, go for $1,500 to $3,500 new and since the economy is bad, Liz said, everyone is trying to get top dollar for the used looms- nothing much under $800-$1,200 was being offered used to her. Oh well.
At home, I refocused on my regular stuff, and had a lovely conversation about a job offer that was pending with my dear. I told him that the giant loom I had mentioned was not for me and that I would stick with my tabletop one for now.
Grey wool, carded, spun and woven by me!
Asking was unlike me, but I honored my heart because I had been thinking about a floor loom from early October to late November. Asking, just focusing my intent and following my intentions with Action by going in to the yarn shop and putting a voice to the desire was what it took.
The very next day Liz called me and told me there was a loom, exactly what I hoped for and entirely FREE if I could get to a retiring weaver's farm 12 miles away by the next day. Of course I could!
My Weaver-Godmother had put her farmhouse, gorgeous gardens and out buildings on the market after recuperating from a big heart incident, and it sold at once. She hadn't had the time she expected to sell antiques and hobby tools- she just called Liz in a panic and said "I want them to go to a good home before the dumpster and cleaning team arrives on Saturday".
It was the practice that has made me able to focus the power all around us to my intent. It was the Action of Asking that made it into an Attraction spell. Because I have been practicing it was there in me as I focused and asked. It was the same as saying:
I open the gates of the power 
within and around me and welcome
a loom into my life. 
So Mote it be.
You better believe I've been keeping up with that daily devotion!


  1. Fantastic story! Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  2. You are so welcome! The loom update is this: the reeds and heddles are pretty seriously rusted so I am spending lots of time with steel wool and sometimes Naval Jelly to clean them. I didn't begin until after the holidays because I had a lot of work I knew I would ignore if the loom project was underway! I hope to be weaving before January is out, maybe even by the end of the weekend. The attention to the goddess continues to be a regular part of my day, especially this week in the dark of the moon.


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