Saturday, February 2, 2013

Imbolc Par-tay follow-up

Gorgeous creativity poem to Brigid for over my loom from Kestril.
Beautiful yellow English primrose from Cat for the altar.

The ice bowl filled with holly twigs and leaves came out fantastic!  I have these little vintage silver stars originally intended for holding candles on Christmas trees.  I put one in the bottom of the ice bowl and placed the lovely green 8 hour candle on top of it. I love those darn emergency candles!

The reason I needed the star is because when I un molded the bowl/candle holder in the morning after it was outside all night to freeze it wasn't COMPLETELY frozen... It must have been just 32 for only part of the night.  The top 3 inches or so are frozen clear as glass- the inside and outside layers of the bowl are frozen in big crystals.  That indicates really slow freezing.  The water that remained in between the two shell bowl bottoms splooshed out into the sink.  Yay for me for unmolding this in the sink and not on the table!!
Big slow-formed crystals of water with gaps holding the star and candle.  So shiny.
The day began with good smells and presents!   We set ourselves up with Mimosas made with OJ and Prosecco and admired the altar and the day.  We spent plenty of the day catching up with family news and love life news too.  Kestril brought a wonderful mix-CD of songs about milk, creativity, growth... it was just great and everyone got one!
Our meal was a yummy 3 cheese quiche and these beautiful chicken pot pie muffins.  I made a bowl of sweet and sour cucumbers with dill and lavender using goldenrod vinegar I made in the summer.  I certainly need to get the recipe for those pot pie muffins!

Then we got raffia all over the place.

Traditional wheat crosses
 With instructions we shared a good time trying to weave wheat crosses for everyone.  The raffia went everywhere, but it cut easily with scissors so I was glad that was our choice.

Combinations of weaving, braiding and tying resulted in a bunch of awesome icons to hang over our doors at home.

No one was in any hurry to leave, and before we knew it the time was late.  What a good day!

The candle kept burning until I blew it out before dinner.


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful day. Food looks good and the ornaments are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. so gorgeous! I can't get over that bowl.

  3. It all looks great!


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