Thursday, March 7, 2013

Born to be bad.

Brand new box of raisin bran flake cereal. In a 15 lb Dachshund dog. The entire box. Wow.

There are also pieces of the cabinet she chewed on the floor, the latch is still latched, she just somehow got the box edge and pulled it out and removed the inner bag.

Sadly, the raisins in any raisin bran cereal are toxic to dogs. Zambonie my darling is in the hospital until Saturday morning with activated charcoal and IV fluids and a catheter.  We are hoping to help offset the poison and save her kidneys. I am a sad dog mommy today.


  1. Those Dachshunds are something else, aren't they? My Peanut gets into things too, but fortunately nothing toxic (yet). Hoping Zambonie will be okay.

  2. Bad doggie update: After three days in the hospital with fluids forced at 2x the regular rate and charcoal Zam came home Saturday with good blood tests for kidney function but elevated liver enzymes. We are following up at 1 and 4 weeks with liver medicine for all four weeks. We will see a lot about little Zam's kidney function at the end of this week with regular hydration by mouth. She seems normal but a little sleepy and clingy- which could be nothing or something.
    Dogmommy Gemmi

  3. Wow - I totally missed this is my blog feed. I'm sorry your little darlin' got into so much trouble and am glad to know that she seems to be OK. Here's hoping the liver enzymes return to normal soon.


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