Monday, July 23, 2012

On Colorado and Covers

This past week the news gave us all whiplash. The tragic events in Colorado cause me to question our mental health care support systems, relive some personal grieving and ache with the urge to comfort the hurt and the damaged. The best I can do is offer up spiritual support.  In doing so I know that I am doing a lot and that no matter what I do it will not feel like enough.

We can't let that stop us from offering our blessings, though.  To give in to the feeling of being overwhelmed is to spread the damage.  Instead, let us make our offerings, practice supporting others and know that when the damage is nearer, we will be that much more ready to support then.

It is only by giving more than we receive that we know the bounty of our Goddess.

In other news, I read about the campaign to join in and support those women who chose to take the veil.  These are not the women forced to cover by an oppressive society, but women who choose to cover their hair as a symbol of faith or thanks... or for reasons which are their own personal ones. because this link does not work as it did yesterday  I include this address  to lead you to the Facebook page and see the beautiful group of proud women and their many supporters.

It isn't often that I hear about something so meaningful to me just as it happens, but the background of last week's insults to three different women wearing veils really struck me. As I was feeling helpless to support one group, I found a way to support another. As a woman who covers her hair for certain special events and as a woman in a liberated land, I am delighted to join with my sisters on September 21, 2012 and appear for the entire day wearing a hair cover of my own choice.

I was so proud when I mentioned this event at dinner to a friend on Saturday and without hesitation she replied "I'm in." before I even requested her support.

I am eager to put veils on the street and change the look of the world. I am eager for personal adornment to someday again be personal and not fodder for public judgement.


  1. I've been exploring this very thing for a few months now because I too had an urge to cover my hair. Before I do it though, I wanted to be very clear on what my reasons were. Thanks for the link.

    1. It's such a personal decision, but one that I always come away from happy I made.
      On Covered on Light day I did indeed feel a part of something bigger and my heart sang. Not one person asked me a question about my attire that day, although I was prepared to discuss it!
      When I cover to participate in Jewish ritual I am always very aware of the Empowerment feeling, the belonging and connection.
      Keeping my hair covered as a way of conforming at Colonial reenactment events is uplifting in its own way. There, only another women or my husband or child would see my hair and it makes you feel... beautiful. Especially as you uncover your hair for your husband. The women that I have met on the east coast who participate in reenactment keep their hair covered ALL weekend, from Friday to Sunday night. We could revert to our regular hairstyles at night when the public leaves but I can'[t think of anyone who does. It just feels special.
      The decision need not be enormous. Covering on Fridays or weekends is an option you can consider with the guidance of your goddess. I would love to know what you decide.


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